Women in Real Estate Network

The Women in Real Estate Network ("WREN") is open to all members of AREUEA.  The goal of WREN is to facilitate participation and encourage accessibility in AREUEA activities by all members, with a focus on Ph.D. students, junior scholars and members new to AREUEA, particularly women.   The stated goals of WREN corroborates with the mission of AREUEA, which supports the continued success of AREUEA as the premier academic real estate association.

WREN Committee

Chair:  Jaclene Begley
Andrea Heuson Adam Novak Amanda Ross
Lyndsey Rolheiser Xi Yang  


WREN Donors


WREN Events

2022 AREUEA National WREN breakfast “Brainstorming Session on Seminar Culture”
The goal of the session was to survey the participants to identify problematic aspects of current seminar culture that have a disproportionately negative impact on women, minority, and non-binary economists, and to propose changes we can make to correct and/or mitigate these problematic aspects.

2023 ASSA / AREUEA WREN panel “Tips and Insights: Panel on Academia and Industry Collaborations”
Resource Document:  Tips and Insights: Panel on Academia and Industry Collaborations
This was a panel discussion on the avenues through which researchers engage with private sector firms. This may be through direct data purchase or sharing agreements, visiting scholarship, or jobs within private firms. Panelists were invited to discuss what they do, their firm’s broad research interests, the data they use, and example projects, as well as ways they currently collaborate with researchers. 

2023 AREUEA National WREN Breakfast on Communicating Research
Resource Document:  WREN Breakfast Takeaways
Resource Document:  Writing for Policy
This was a panel discussion on effectively communicating research to diverse audiences, such as researchers in other disciplines, policymakers, and the general public. In addition to the discussion, panelists recommended additional resources for participants to review on their own. 

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