Virtual Seminar Series

AREUEA is pleased to present its Virtual Seminar Series. This series provides an additional platform for exchanging ideas and disseminating research in real estate and urban economics. The Virtual Seminar Series allows AREUEA members to present rigorous and engaging research to an audience of both AREUEA members and non-members from around the world.


Any AREUEA member can submit a paper addressing any relevant research topic, including but not limited to commercial real estate, housing, mortgages, urban economics, and the intersection of any of these topics with macroeconomics. There is no expiration to the submission window; we encourage submissions at any time. Please submit your work via email to Luis Quintero ([email protected]). 


The organizing committee will choose papers based on 1) quality of the work; 2) stage of the paper (e.g., giving priority to papers that are being refined for submission to a journal); and 3) timeliness of the topic. The committee may also solicit presentations of relevant topics.


A 75-minute Zoom conference, which comprises a 45-minute presentation followed by moderated Q&A. Participants can also ask clarifying questions through the moderator during the presentation.


Anyone who registers can participate at no cost. Registered participants will receive a notification and a reminder before the seminar.  If you would like to be added to the Virtual Seminar Series email distribution list, please email Luis Quintero at [email protected].


The Virtual Seminars will be held monthly, at a minimum. AREUEA members please watch out for a registration invitation that will be sent 1-2 weeks before each seminar. We encourage you to forward the registration email to non-members for them to register and attend the seminar series.

Virtual Seminar Presentations - Upcoming Dates

Date   Presentation/Paper Name & Presenter
11:00am - 12:15pm ET
  Partisan Loan Officers and the Racial Gap in Mortgage Lending | Register HERE
Presenter:  Yongqiang Chu (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
11:00am - 12:15pm ET
  Understanding Rationality and Disagreement in House Price Expectations
Presenter:  Stijn van Nieuwerburgh (Columbia GSB)

Historical Virtual Seminar Presentations

2022 Virtual Seminar Organizing Committee