Edwin Mills Best Paper Award

The Edwin Mills Best Paper Award is awarded annually for the best paper published in Real Estate Economics in the prior calendar year. It is presented during the presidential luncheon at the AREUEA-ASSA Conference in January. The recipient is selected by the editors of Real Estate Economics and is presented with a plaque in recognition of their outstanding work.

AREUEA is honored to have the following Edwin Mills Best Paper Awards Recipients.

Best Paper of 2022

Andrew Demers & Andrea Eisfeldt
Total Returns to Single-Family Rentals
Best Paper of 2023

Carlos Garriga, Pedro Gete, and Athena Tsouderou
The Economic Effects of Real Estate Investors
Best Paper of 2020

Lu Fang & Henry Munneke
Gender Equality in Mortgage Lending
Best Paper of 2021

Jossue Cox & Sydney C. Ludvigson
Drivers of the great housing boom-bust: Credit conditions, beliefs, or both?
Best Paper of 2019

Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
Why are REITS currently so expensive?
Best Paper of 2018

Moussa Diop
Real Estate Investments, Product Market Competition and Stock Returns
Best Paper of 2017

Rose Neng Lai, Robert Van Order
U.S. House Prices over the Last 30 Years: Bubbles, Regime Shifts and Market (In)Efficiency
Best Paper of 2016

Sewin Chan, Samuel Dastrup, and Ingrid Gould Ellen
Do Homeowners Mark to Market? A Comparison of Self-Reported and Estimated Market Home Values During the Housing Boom and Bust
Best Paper of 2015

Philippe Bracke
House Prices and Rents: Microevidence from a Matched Data Set in Central London
Best Paper of 2014

Lu Han and Will Strange
Bidding Wars for Houses
Best Paper of 2013

Raven Molloy and Hui Shan
The Post-Foreclosure Experience of US Households
Best Paper of 2012

Brent Ambrose and Richard Buttimer
The Adjustable Balance Mortgage: Reducing the Value of the Put
Best Paper of 2011

Cici Gjergii, John Corgel, and Scott Gibson
Can Fund Managers Select Outperforming REITS? Examining Fund Holdings and Trades
Best Paper of 2010

Anthony Pennington-Cross and Giang Ho
Predatory Lending Laws and the Cost of Credit
Best Paper of 2009

Robert Novy-Marx
Hot and Cold Markets
Best Paper of 2008

Brent W. Ambrose and Joe Peek
Credit Availability and the Structure of the Homebuilding Industry
Best Paper of 2007

Eduardo S. Schwartz and Walter N. Torous
Commercial Office Space: Testing the Implications of Real Options Models with Competitive Interactions
Best Paper of 2006

Jay C. Hartzell, Libo Sun, and Sheridan Titman
The Effect of Corporate Governance on Investment: Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Best Paper of 2005

Wayne Passmore, Shane M. Sherlund, and Gillian Burgess
The Effect of Housing Government-Sponsored Enterprises on Mortgage Rates
Best Paper of 2004

Dennis R. Capazza, Patric H. Hendershott, and Charlotte Mack
An Anatomy of Price Dynamics in Illiquid Markets: Analysis and Evidence from Local Housing Markets
Best Paper of 2003

Joseph Gyourko and Todd Sinai
The Spatial Distribution of Housing-Related Ordinary Income Tax Benefits
Best Paper of 2002

Paul D. Childs, Steven H. Ott, and Timothy Riddiough
Optimal Valuation of Claims on Noisy Real Assets: Theory and an Application