AREUEA Upcoming Conferences






Conference Place/Date Submission Deadline Submission Link
REE Special Issue Conference Washington DC
May 28-29, 2024
January 31
National Conference Washington DC
May 30-31, 2024
February 1
International Conference Curaçao
June 23-26, 2024
March 9
Click HERE
AsRES+GCREC & AREUEA Hsinchu, Taiwan
July 25-28, 2024
March 31 Click HERE
AREUEA-ASSA San Francisco
January 3-5, 2025
April 1 Click HERE

What is AREUEA?

AREUEA was originated at the 1964 meeting of the Allied Social Science Association in Chicago. AREUEA grew from discussions of individuals that recognized a need for more information and analysis in the fields of real estate development, planning and economics. Over more than 45 years AREUEA has grown to be the leader in supporting and promoting real estate & urban economics research of the utmost quality. The vibrancy of AREUEA has been and will continue to be based on individuals who support and believe in the mission of the organization.

AREUEA organizes three conferences a year, as well as partners with other organizations and agencies, to offer multiple opportunities designed to provide open forums for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of research relevant to applied decision making in real estate finance and urban economics. AREUEA additionally hosts a biweekly Virtual Seminar Series to cover the latest research on trending topics.

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