Hoyt Institute Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition

The American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association solicits submissions for the doctoral dissertation award competition sponsored by the Hoyt Institute.

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2024. See the list of previous award winners at the bottom of this page.


Ph.D. dissertations completed during the 2023-2024 academic year are eligible for consideration. Dissertations must have been successfully defended between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.

Eligible topic areas include all areas within the range of interest of Association members as exemplified by papers published in the Association journal, Real Estate Economics.

The Homer Hoyt Institute sponsors a cash award to AREUEA for distribution to the candidate(s) of the award-winning dissertation.

Submission Requirements

Award Form details

  1. Sample of Your Research:
    -- Candidates must submit a sample of what they consider bests represents the quality of their research. This can include a paper or chapter from your dissertation depending on the dissertation style.

    -- Candidates can only submit a single chapter or paper.
    -- The committee would like the best opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s individual work. Accordingly, if the submission involves an essay or chapter that is derived from a co-authored paper, the committee must receive a letter from the co-author(s) or PhD advisor that the candidate was the leading contributor to the study.
    -- DO NOT submit your entire dissertation.

  2. Letter from Advisor:
    -- A letter from your dissertation chair verifying the successful defense of your dissertation.

    -- The letter must also include a statement from your advisor verifying that the submitted work has been written by the Ph.D. student or that the Ph.D. student was the leading contributor, and that it is taken from the completed dissertation.

  3. Application Form & Package Delivery:
    -- Students must complete and return the application form with their submission package.

    -- The submission items should be compiled and saved as one PDF file and electronically submitted to the Association Coordinator of AREUEA, Shelley Riggs AND the Chair of the AREUEA Awards Committee, Kris Gerardi.
    -- DO NOT send hard copies of your documents to Shelley Riggs or the committee members.
    -- Submissions are to be electronic only
    -- All submissions must be received by Tuesday, October 31, 2024, 11:59 pm Pacific Time Zone

    Applicant Expectations

    Students are expected to read and complete all three submission requirements listed above. Failing to follow the directions for submission could result in your submission being disqualified from consideration.

    Students are expected to attend the Annual Presidential Luncheon that is hosted during the AREUEA-ASSA Conference; held in January.

The winners are selected by the Awards Committee and announce at the AREUEA-ASSA Conference each year.

Complete Hoyt Institute Doctoral
Dissertation Award Form

Hoyt Doctoral Dissertation Award Winners

AREUEA extends a gracious thank you to the Hoyt Institute for their generous support of the Annual AREUEA Dissertation Award. Below is a list of previous AREUEA award winners.

2023 Winners Neroli Austin, "Keeping Up with the Blackstones: Institutional Investors and Gentrification"
Lu Liu, "The Demand for Long-Term Mortgage Contracts and the Role of Collateral"
2022 Winners Antoine Levy "Essays in Spatial Economics"
Honorable Mentions: Jaehee Song, Philip Mulder, Juan Pablo Uribe
2021 Winners Samir Elsadek Mahmoudi, Desen Lin, Eunjee Kwon
2020 Winners Cameron LaPoint, Pierre Mabille, Dayin Zhang
2019 Winners Stephanie Johnson, Eileen Van Straelen, Salomon Garcia
2018 Winners                Darren Aiello, Daniel Garcia, Sophia (Sonia) Gilbukh
2017 Winners Vadim Elenev, Brian Asquith
2016 Winners Daniel Greenwald
2015 Winners Anthony DeFusco, Hoai-Luu Nguyen
2014 Winners Adam Guren, Luis Quintero
2013 Winners Cindy Soo
2012 Winners Kyle Mangum, Elliot Anenberg
2011 Winners Andrew Paciorek, Naomi Hausman
2010 Winners Daniel K. Fetter, Colleen Donovan
2009 Winners Benjamin Keys, Daniel Hartley
2008 Winners David Albouy, Michael Eriksen, Hui Shan
2007 Winners Jiro Yoshida, Jaren Pope, Wally Boudry, Youngping Liang
2006 Winners Lu Han, Tobias Muhlhofer
2005 Winners Christopher R. Cunningham
2004 Winners Robert Novy-Marx, Tracey Seslen, Lihong Yang
2003 Winners Rui Yao, Cornelia Kullman, Albert Saiz
2002 Winners Tracy Gordon, Tracy Turner, Frederic Deng
2000 Winners Zheng Yan, Andrey Pavlov
1999 Winners Qiang Fu, Robert T. Greenbaum, Dapeng Hu
1998 Winners Todd Sinai, Michael Marschoun, David M. Brasington
1997 Winners Clark L. Maxam, Michael LaCour-Little, Richard Martin
1996 Winners Yongheng Deng
1995 Winners John P. Harding, William C. Lafayette, Arandan Mitra, Stephen A. Ross
1994 Winners Yuming Fu, Henry J. Munneke, Ruijue Peng
1993 Winners Steven Grenadier, Alyssa Lutz
1992 Winners Timothy Riddiough, Gyan P. Sinha, T.L. Tyler Yang
1991 Winners Daniel C. Quan, Dean H. Gatzlaff, Claire Montgomery
1990 Winners David Geltner
1989 Winners Colin Read, R. Gregory Michaels, Crocker Liu
1988 Winners Jide Iwarere, Mark A. Sunderman, Stephen J. Malpezzi
1987 Winners David Gross, Taewon Kim, Jaime Alvayay
1986 Winners Dixie Blackley, Robert Helsley
1985 Winners David Ling, Phillip Tseng
1984 Winners Marian Wolfe, Donald Cunningham, Mitchell Rachilis
1983 Winners James R. DeLisle, Barry A. Diskin
1982 Winners William Shear, Terry Grissom, Daniel E. Page