George Bloom Service Award

The George Bloom Award is presented during the presidential luncheon at the annual meeting in January. The recipient, selected by the nominating committee, is presented with a plaque in recognition of their distinguished service to the Association during his or her career.

AREUEA is honored to have the following George Bloom Service Award Recipients serve the Association.

2024 Recipient Ed Coulson
2023 Recipient Daniel McMillen
2022 Recipient Bob Connolly
2021 Recipient Crocker Liu
2020 Recipient Andrea Heuson
2019 Recipient David H. Downs
2018 Recipient James Follain
2017 Recipient Marsha J. Courchane
2016 Recipient Brent W. Ambrose
2015 Recipient David Crowe
2014 Recipient William C. Wheaton
2013 Recipient James Kau
2012 Recipient Karl E. "Chip" Case
2011 Recipient David C. Ling
2010 Recipient Nancy Wallace
2009 Recipient Thomas G. Thibodeau
2008 Recipient James D. Shilling
2007 Recipient Robert Van Order
2006 Recipient Jan K. Brueckner
2005 Recipient Susan M. Wachter
2004 Recipient John Kain
2003 Recipient Kerry Vandell
2002 Recipient Austin Jaffe
2001 Recipient C.F. Sirmans
2000 Recipient John M. Quigley
1999 Recipient Jeffrey D. Fisher
1998 Recipient Anthony Downs
1997 Recipient Dennis Capozza
1996 Recipient Edwin Mills
1995 Recipient Hugh O. Nourse
1994 Recipient Byrl Boyce
1993 Recipient Ronald Racster
1992 Recipient John C. Weicher
1991 Recipient Patrac H. Hendershott
1990 Recipient Jack M. Guttentag
1989 Recipient Paul F. Wendt
1988 Recipient Maury Seldin
1987 Recipient Fred Case
1986 Recipient Art Weimer
1985 Recipient William N. Kinnard Jr.
1984 Recipient Halbert C. Smith