Xudong An
1st Vice President

Xudong An is an Assistant Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. He oversees the Bank’s retail supervision and research function as well as its stress testing function. His group performs modeling of mortgages, home equity lines of credit, auto loans, credit cards, and other credit for the System-wide annual stress testing.  He and his group also conduct academic and policy research on retail credit, consumer finance, and banking supervision.  Previously, Dr. An was a full Professor of Finance, an Endowed Professor of Real Estate, and taught at San Diego State University, UCLA, and Tsinghua University.

Xudong is actively engaged in research on real estate, housing, and urban economics. He frequently publishes in the Association journal Real Estate Economics (REE). Other outlets of his research include: the American Economic Association Papers and ProceedingsJournal of Financial EconomicsJournal of Real Estate Financial and Economics (JREFE)Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, and Brookings Papers on Urban Affairs. Xudong serves on the editorial boards of REE and JREFE.

Xudong has been an active member of AREUEA for almost 20 years. He has benefitted greatly from the Association and has been inspired to serve by many AREUEA leaders. Among his aspirations, he seeks to create policy forums and promote the research impact of AREUEA members. Other plans include raising the impact of the Association journal and facilitating resource-sharing and research collaborations among Association members. His leadership skills and experience in both academia and the Fed should help him move the Association forward. Xudong received his Ph.D. from USC. He was elected an Academic Fellow of the Homer Hoyt Institute in 2015. He served on AREUEA’s Board of Directors during 2018-2020 and worked for the Association on new programs, awards review, nomination, paper review and conference organization, and virtual seminar organization.