ASSA 2022 | AREUEA Doctoral Poster Session | January 6, 2022

Part 1: 5-6pm
Career Panel  
- Ken Brevoort, Principal Economist, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
- Leah Books, Associate Professor, George Washington University
- Daryl Fairweather, Chief Economist, Redfin

- Ingrid Gould Ellen, Professor of Urban Policy, NYU

Part 2:  6-7pm
Poster Presentations

Presenting Author Organization Title
Xiao, Zhanbing UBC Interest Rate Risk, Prepayment Risk and Banks’ Securitization of Mortgages
Bandyopadhyay, Arka Prava Baruch College Regional Distributional Implications of COVID-19 on Housing Price Index and Investment Opportunities
Smith, Nicholas Brian University of Georgia Neighborhood Control and Housing Consumption Risk
SHI, Yang The University of Melbourne Seeing is Believing: The Impact of Buyers’ Onsite Viewing Activities on Housing Transactions
Shen, Qingyang University of Toronto Effects of Raising Minimum Housing Standards: Evidence from the Tenement House Act of 1901
Cifci, Eren The University of Alabama The Power of Social Networking: Evidence Commercial Real Estate Market
Han, Congyan UW Madison Whither Weather?: High Temperature, Climate Change and Mortgage Default
Wei, Jiabin University of Cambridge Quantify Retail Spillover Effects at the Tenant Level with Daily Tenant Sales and Consumers’ Behavior Data
Wu, Yanting Concordia University Signaling Effects of Recurrent List-price Reductions on the Likelihood of House Sales
Harris, Nathaniel The George Washington University FIBO: A New Approach to Measuring Intercity Differences in Housing Costs
Lin, Chuanhao George Washington University Do Planning Regulations Raise the Cost or Quality of Housing?
Xie, Lingshan University College London The Effect of Work from Home on Real Estate Companies: Evidence from the UK
Yang, Shuya Monash University High Frequency, High Fidelity: Constructing Daily House Price Indexes
Smith, Karen Brandeis University Expectations' Formation and Boom-Bust Cycles in Mortgage Lending
Yoo, Jaeyong University of Georgia Predicting U.S. Migration Flows with Online Search Data