Ad Hoc Committees Description

The President shall have power to appoint such committees, as he or she considers necessary for the functioning of the Association. The Board of Directors shall be informed of any new committee and, at the request of any board member, may subject it to review.

2021 Website Members

Chair: Scott Frame
Thies Lindenthal Bob Connolly  


2021 Communications Members

Chair: Jenny Schuetz
Dan McMillen Siqi Zheng Thies Lindenthal
Jessie Handbury Mike Eriksen Amanda Ross


2021 Mentoring Members

Co-Chair:Jessie Handbury
Co-Chair:Andrea Heuson
Ingrid Gould Ellen Lauren Lambie-Hanson Dan McMillen
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh    


2021 Virtual Seminar Members

Chair: Xudong An
Leah Brooks Thies Lindenthal Eva Steiner
Jiro Yoshida