Ad Hoc Committees Description

The President shall have power to appoint such committees, as he or she considers necessary for the functioning of the Association. The Board of Directors shall be informed of any new committee and, at the request of any board member, may subject it to review.

2024 Communications Committee

Chair: Mariya Letdin
Carolin Hoeltken  Eunjee Kwon  Patrick Smith

2024 Data Availability Committee

Chair: Mallick Hossain
 Mark Shroder Arthur Acolin   Dongxiao Niu Wen-Chi Liao 

2024 Mentoring Committee

Chair: Ruchi Singh
 Ben Keys Tingyu Zhou  Jorge De la Roca  Kyle Mangum 

2024 Policy Platform Committee

Chair: Jackie Begley
 Rachel Meltzer  Stanimira Milcheva Gary Painter 
 Anthony Murphy  Albert Saiz  


2024 Virtual Seminar Series Committee

Chair: Luis Quintero
Dragana Cvijanovic  Lyndsey Rolheiser  Caitlin Gorback Alina Arefeva 


2024 Publications Committee

Chair: Siqi Zheng
Dan McMillen Ingrid Ellen Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
Kris Gerardi Leah Brooks  


2024 Pipeline Scholars Committee

Chair: Luis Lopez
Isaac Hacamo  Shawn McCoy