Ad Hoc Committees Description

The President shall have power to appoint such committees, as he or she considers necessary for the functioning of the Association. The Board of Directors shall be informed of any new committee and, at the request of any board member, may subject it to review.

2022 Communications Committee

Chair: Thies Lindenthal
Jim Conklin Moussa Diop Jenny Schuetz


2022 Data Policy Committee

Chair: Stephanie Moulton
Karen Pence Lauren Lambie Hanson Ingrid Gould Ellen


2022 Mentoring Committee

Chair: Jessie Handbury
Andrea Heuson Jim Conklin Jorge de la Roca
Steve Billings James Vickery Stephanie Moulton


2022 Policy Platform Committee

Chair: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
Ingrid Gould Ellen Xudong An Thies Lindenthal
Stephanie Moulton Christian Redfearn Eva Steiner


2022 Virtual Seminar Series Committee

Chair: Eva Steiner
Jorge De La Roca David Low Tess Scharlemann Tien Foo Sing