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Special Issue of the Journal of Housing Economics on Migration and Housing Markets
Posted: 1/30/2020

The Journal of Housing Economics would like to invite submissions for a special issue on the topic of migration and housing markets. This special issue will feature research that sheds light on the intersection between housing markets and household or population mobility.  The decision of whether and where to move is heavily influenced by housing market conditions—the levels of rents and house prices, the availability of the desired type and location of housing, and even the cost and availability of mortgage credit.  At the same time, conditions in rental and housing markets are affected by the magnitudes of migrant flows into and out of the market.  We welcome research on any topic that addresses the connection between housing and migration in some way.  We especially welcome empirical research that makes use of new and innovative data sources, as well as theoretical research that uses cutting-edge methods.  While we expect many of the submissions to use recent data, we are open to historical analyses, especially ones that shed light on contemporary discussions and debates.

Papers must be of sufficient analytical rigor to meet the customary standards of the journal. Timeliness is very important, as the editors and the journal seek to limit delays between the acceptance of manuscripts and eventual publication.  Deadline for submission has been extended to March 1, 2020.  Submissions should be made to:

Special editors are Kyle Mangum ( and Raven Molloy (

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