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Panel Database Available for AHS 1985-2013
Posted: 10/09/2017

John Weicher, Director of the Center for Housing and Financial Markets at Hudson Institute, has posted a panel database of the American Housing Survey for the 15 surveys from 1985 to 2013.  The database consists of the 65,000 units that were in the AHS sample for all or part of these three decades, with information on tenure, affordability, and numerous other variables. Special weights have been constructed so that each unit is given the same weight over the 15 surveys.  The database was created for a Hudson project supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, describing the changes in the affordable rental stock during that period; it can also be used to analyze other changes in the housing inventory. The database is now available on Hudson Institute’s website, along with full documentation, and a detailed analysis of the changes in the affordable rental stock during 1985-2013.  The link is  Also available through that link is a larger but less refined databased covering the 1985-2013 period, useful for many longitudinal analyses.  Anyone who has questions should feel free to contact John at or (202) 974-2425.  

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